Must Try Weekly Cooking


Healthy and light

When you have realised that you have damaged your tummy over the weekend, you would want to eat healthy and light which will make you happy.



Let us have Veggie all day . Its religion, tradition that now binds me. It’s the second day my tummy has been tortured and craves hungrily for food.


Bideshi twist

Twist the dish, which will bring a new life, smiles on our faces. Using Indian food you can give the fancy look and taste, making it international.


Sudh desi romance

Right from East to West, Indian food is the best. This is where the recipe of food is derived from the rural villages of India, adding a desi romance.


Abhi to party shuroo huye hai - Party fever

Weekend is here, it’s all about tit bits, snacks, appetizers, hi tea, nachos for every party, coupled with your favorite drinks.



I feel that grilled food is always the best, not much of spices, fresh, platter to plate, We barbeque, grilled meats, grilled vegetable, shawarma, sausage, International food


Ghar ka khana

I always think that my mother’s food is the best food ever, so I always thought of contributing my mom’s recipes to the world. This is to patronise a personal touch to food and family.

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